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I have discovered art journaling, paint, pencils, crayons, gesso, Mod Podge,  and messes!   
And FUN!    
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May 5, 2012
I've been taking an online class with Junelle Jacobsen, (oh, I'm in love with her little lambs!), called The Art of Wild Abandonment, through Christy Tomlinson's shop Scarlet Lime  (very dangerous place this shop is).  There's a  Facebook group where we've been chatting and posting our projects, and we decided to try a blog hop to see everyone's messy goodness!   I've been working lots of hours lately so I haven't completed as many projects as I would have liked, but these are the latest ones.

We've been trading goodies, stamps, and bits of punchinella for weeks.  Then a set of clear stamps and a collaged card arrived in my mailbox unexpectedly.  Jodiann had found something she knew I couldn't do without, and had made this gorgeous card for me!  I had saved some other bits and pieces from notes she had sent, and this card was the inspiration for the first two pages in my art journal made from my old statistics textbook (hated that college class!).   A two-pager!

and a detail of the flowers and card from the right hand page.  The card is gorgeous on both sides, so I folded a piece of wax paper like a pocket (not glued down yet) so I can flip it over when I want to.  Right now I'm hunting for glassine envelopes to use instead of the wax paper.

And a couple of SheArt girls in progress

 I used a scoring board to pleat the paper for her skirt and had to do a running stitch at the waist to hold it

So now you'll continue on this little blog hop!
You should have arrived here from -- Julia Monroe  -- she does such beautiful work!

And you've heard me talk about my sweet friend, Jodiann!    Now you get to meet her at her blog -- Jodiann Cates

If you get lost, here's the full list -- Claire Smillie


April 10, 2012
So here we are into class, so many awesome videos, ideas, inspiration and techniques.   Here's what I've worked on, completed or not, LOL!
            radish page in sketch book, used watercolors

               and a detail of the top ones

Sweets, yummy!  The one on the left is this recipe  Gingerbread Cheesecake Bites
Poppies were a line drawing on gessoed muslin, then finished with watercolor pencils and Neocolor IIs

The empty nest, with my kids grown and gone, flying successfully.  It's now hanging in my daughter's office.

Nest is made of woven fabric strips and book paper looped through the weaving

And Easter Sunday -- sketched on the bulletin


March 20, 2012
I have been intrigued with this messy art for a long time, but my perfectionist tendencies have stopped me.  Because, of course, it must be perfect -- never mind that I've never done it -- it just has to look like the work done by those who've done it a long time.  (I know, I know, completely irrational, but there you go.)

Did some googling, found some YouTube videos, and stumbled onto Donna Downey's and Christy Tomlinson's blogs and art journals.  And there I stopped, soaking in the colors and textures and ideas, and the desire to create with paint and pencils and paper.
And I found Christy's workshops, and signed up for two of them,  SheArt, and theArt of Wild Abandonment taught by Junelle Jacobson and Christy.  And got more excited at the prospect of learning this!

In chatting with my buddy, Jodiann, I sort of confessed to my fascination with this art, and sent her some links, and finally asked if she wanted to play too?  She did!  And signed up for the workshops.   We are honestly having so much fun!

So, I went through my art supplies and outside of having crayons and markers and construction paper for my grand daughters to play with, art supplies didn't exist.  So I had to go shopping for supplies -- I mean breathless-with-excitement shopping for supplies!

Sketchbooks, Mod Podge, gesso, ink stamp, some scrapbooking paper (because I've never done paper scrapping), watercolor pencils (love), and have ordered some other items recommended in class materials.  But I needed an art journal book, so off I went to our used book store.

So I followed some instructions that said to count 3 pages, those will be glued together with Mod Podge or similar medium, and then rip out the next 3 pages.  Repeat through the book.

So here's how it went:
Here are the "clumps" of pages stuck together and left to dry.  Second one shows the pages after being gessoed.

The third one, well, let's just say it's a good thing that we can cover up boo-boos with paper and paint, LOL!

I had multiple books in progress, gesso and dry, gesso and dry -- it went faster that way!  I had a field day at Hobby Lobby with their multi-packs of canvas boards on sale!   And my hubby covered his eyes as he walked by this!

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  1. I adore your nest. It is perfect!!! thank you for letting us all stop by... this has been a wonderful treat to get to see you work all on one site.. THANK YOU