Monday, April 22, 2013

It's My 50% off Day at theStudio!

All month long, we're celebrating Toiny's 4th year of ownership of theStudio!  Each designer has a day of their own to feature their products on sale for 50% off.  And today is my day!  Even the bundles are 50% off, but you will have to HURRY -- that price is only good for TODAY!

Be sure to check through everything in my shop -- there's sure to be some goodies you can use.  Remember that the commercial use products can be used for personal use as well.  And all my templates are CT friendly as well!

It's a looong post, so get ready!

I just put these in the store, 2 sets of Misted Overlays.  These were so much fun to make!  Easy to colorize in the hue/saturation window.  Or clip a color to it, merge those layers and use your blend modes to change the effect!

Some samples -- the first one using a color clipped to an overlay, and the second one using the screen blend mode.  You can also stack several on top of each other for even more variety!

And here are a few more of my latest releases -- each of the bundled items are available separately if you'd like to choose them that way.

The bundle of large, gorgeous florals!  The bundle gives you 18 single flower papers with a very slight texture -- there are no repeats in the papers, each one is different.  Be sure to add your own favorite texture to make it your own.  Easy to colorize, or take a soft brush with the color to match your kit, and on a separate layer, "paint" in the petals and centers.

Here are a couple of sample from the collection -- each one is available separately.

There are two sets of templates designed to show off really great, big photos -- creatively named Big Photos 1 and Big Photos 2, LOL!

Just look at these fabulous pages made with them!  These are from Set 1

and these are from Set 2

and finally, if you love brushes like I do, I'm sure you'll love to browse through my selection of brushes, from texture to pattern, and even brushes made from my art journal work.  Each set is available separately, as well as bundled together.  Play, and have fun!

Art Brush Bundle

CU Whites Bundle

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