Friday, November 2, 2012

The Weekend We Wait For -- DSD!

It's finally here -- the weekend we love for shopping for all the new scrapbooking goodies! And I have a bunch of new goodies I've just placed in the store for this weekend!

First a bit of news -- I've closed my personal use shop at theStudio to focus on Commercial Use products there.  You can find both PU and CU products at Digidesignresort.

Everything is on sale at theStudio for 30% off through the end of Friday, and for the weekend, even lower!  At Digidesignresort, everything is 35% off through Sunday evening!  Don't miss a moment of shopping fun!

These are the new goodies that are available in both stores -- theStudio  and  Digidesignresort

two new sets of buttons --

 Brushstroke brushes (great for adding the look of brushstrokes to your papers, or making masks) --

and a sampler of 5 different textures so you can have a taste of the variety of textures you'll find in my other packs --

The Digidesignresort designers decided to do a mix and match collab at bit differently for the months of November and December.  I created a palette and theme, Family Holidays, and everyone made a mini, or a couple of small packs.  But even better, if you get the newsletter, there are free matching gifties that come out with each newsletter.  So be sure to sign up for the Digidesignresort newsletter on the top left corner of the shop homepage, and collect each piece!  It's a surprise with each one!

I started us off with a full alpha and paper -- but it's only free through Nov 3!

And one last thing, there's still a little time left to get your ticket for theStudio's Digital Day Out

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