Saturday, November 10, 2012

A One Week Sale, and Speed Scrap

And it's 35% off everything at Digidesignresort until November 17!  My latest CU items are included in the sale, and they are also 35% off at theStudio.  So take your pick of places to shop.

And -- a reminder of the speed scrap I'm hosting tomorrow at Digidesignresort at 2:00 pm EST -- that's GMT - 5 hours.

Be sure to check the box "keep me logged in" when you enter your username and password logging into the forum. The chatroom has a tendency to boot you out if you don't.  

The button for the chatroom is up in the top right corner, between the buttons for "gallery"  and "contact."  Click it and you'll be taken right to the chatroom.

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