Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Goodies, Sales and Blogtrains! Oh my!

Where to start?  I think I'll start with the newest goodies.

How about a set of Blendable Templates?  Each one has a large mask and clusters.  You can use the mask to blend a photo into your background paper, or blend several papers together by clipping one to the mask.  There are smaller squares in the clusters to use for additional photos.  They're available in all my stores:

And here's a little inspiration for you using these templates -- from Irma and Jodiann

The next new goodie is set 4 of my Page Mask Blenders.  These are seriously fun to use!  Full page sized masks perfect for paper blending, and blending your photos into backgrounds.  Available at all three stores

And now for the sales!  With National Scrapbooking Day on Saturday, we're getting a head start on our shopping lists!

Digidesignresort -- started today, no coupon codes needed, just fill up your cart!

 Hummie's World  --  runs May 4-6

 the Studio Sale is Saturday, May 5 --

Oh, did I forget Blogtrains??  Not really -- check back again!

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