Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vacation Sale

Heading out for a few days of vacation, and I think that's a perfect time for a little sale!  Say, about 30% off, maybe?

Ok, the sale will run through March 18, at Digidesignresort and at theStudio.

I've placed my "go-to" drop shadow style set in both stores.  There are 11 styles in this set for use on everything from paper, to buttons, to curly ribbons.  There is also a psd file in the zip -- I call it a Style Stack.  You can use it instead of installing the styles in Photoshop Elements.  Each layer is labeled with the style used on it.  All you need to do is have your layout open, and this psd open.  Right click on the layer style (the layer is named) that you want to apply, select Copy Layer Style.  Then go to your layout, right click on the layer you want to apply that style to and select Paste Layer Style.  And there it is!  Remember that you can then go in and adjust the sliders to get exactly what you want.

And -- I've been fascinated with photographing textures lately.  I've taken a bunch of photos of walls, peeling paint, wood siding, planks, etc.  Want to take a guess at what new stuff might be coming?

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