Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Announcing . . . . A New Store!

Not just a new store for me -- but a brand, new store!  Hummie, of Hummies World, wanted to add a store to her already extensive site (best place to learn to use Photoshop Elements with all her tutorials and classes).  Check out what's available in the store!

Jodiann (Jodiann's Sky Pie) and I accepted the challenge and have been having fun behind the scenes, loading products into the store, and even making the first store collab.  The store has been open for a couple of weeks, and our early shoppers have helped us find bugs and get things fixed.  So are you ready for the Grand Opening?  It's this Friday, Feb 10!  And we have fun stuff planned for you!

Here's the announcement about the fun that's coming, Grand Opening -- Sneak Peek, and you'll want to watch that thread because the freebie for the challenge will show up there.  In order to chat with us, you'll need to be registered in the forum.

I'm still adding things to my store, and so is Jodiann.  Be sure to check out what's available in Jodiann's store as well.  Come and join us!

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