Friday, January 20, 2012

Commercial Use Goodies -- Brand New

First post of the new year -- I know, I'm a slacker here!  But the truth is, I've been busy creating lots of new commercial use products, mostly texture packs.  I cleaned out closets and found some old folded paper bags and fell in love with the wrinkles so that got me started.  I came across some sheets sheets of handmade paper, so there's a small pack of those, and some packs of yummy kraft paper.

I was also a tester for a fabulous designer's new brush class that will be coming soon, so I learned some new techniques, and had a blast getting messy with paint and other supplies.  So as if my stash wasn't big enough already, I'm now collecting all sorts of odd bits and pieces of stuff to save for brush-making.  Hubby now actually has  "a look" when he sees me stashing some of this stuff, LOL!

Everything is available at Digidesignresort and theStudio.  So let me show you what you'll find.

And finally, here are the two new sets of brushes!

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