Friday, December 9, 2011

Advent at Digidesignresort

You'll want to be sure to go to the Blog at Digidesignresort.  If you've never visited there, you will be surprised at the amazing amount of content, particularly free tutorials -- almost all of them videos!  Store owner, Monja, and I were talking about what we could add to the list and I thought -- we haven't done tutorials on using templates.  And Templates are very rare to show up as newsletter freebies.

So I said I would make a set of four templates to be given out through the advent time, and she would make a video tutorial to go with each one.  I told her what would be unique about the template so she could focus the video on that -- and today the first template and video tutorials arrived!

It's very basic, opening the template, checking the layers, turning them on and off -- pretty simple.  The template is free or you can purchase the Framed Template set in my store if you miss one. 

Each one comes in psd or tif formats, as well as 12x12 square, or 8.5x11 size.  Remember that psd files can be opened and used in PSP (several of my Creative ladies use only PSP), and the 8.5x11 is very close and easily sized to fit the European A4 size.

Here is today's free template --

Here's the whole set --

Now have a look at some of the magic my Creative Ladies have done with it!   Each one used the same template, but made it their own!

by Irma --

by Jody --

by Barb --

by Andrea --

by Sharon -- notice that she flipped the template horizontally -- it looks totally different!

Stayed tuned -- more of them coming!  Head over to the Digidesignresort Blog!

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