Friday, June 24, 2011

What Do You Do with a Lot of Photos?

Do you have so many photos from a vacation, or trip, or event, you don't know quite how to get them together?  Do you have a new baby, or grandbaby, or a wedding, or maybe an annual album you'd like to create?  Well, here's your answer to creating an album quickly!  A set of 10 album page templates plus a cover.

You can easily clip your photos to the blocks on the template page. And remember, even though I have blocks there that you can put photos into, you could journal, or use pieces of paper or other embellishments in those spaces instead.   If you need more than 10 pages for your album, use these over and over.  There is an even margin around all four edges, so that if you decide to turn the template 90 degrees or flip it to suit your photos, you can do that without having to shift the blocks around to accommodate a right or left page.  And you also don't have to worry about losing parts of your photos in the binding in the center if you print the photo album.

If you want to get them printed into a photo book (12x12 is expensive to print), what I have done is create the pages at that size, then resize the page down to 8x8.  I've printed books in that 8x8 size that way and it works perfectly.

I have included psd files, and a set of TIF files -- you can choose the format you prefer.  Did you know that you can open psd files in Paint Shop Pro?  The later versions open those files without any problem at all!  My Creative Ladies would know -- some of them use PSP.

I can't wait to show you what my fabulous Creative Ladies have done!!  I sent these templates to them, and less than 12 hours later (seriously!), Irma had made a whole album using all of the templates!  Take a look at a weekend trip they took.  Aren't these fabulous pages?!  (oh, and she uses PSP)

I hope that you have kept reading this far -- because these templates are on sale through June 26 for 30% off!   Hurry and get them so you can be ready to create albums of your summer vacations!

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  1. Wow Janet. They are awesome. Within a couple of hours I created the whole album. Befor I have often started but never finished. Now I did, thank you so much.

    hugs Irms