Sunday, April 10, 2011

New in the Store, and Speed Scraps

I decided to put the texture brushes I made to make papers in the store.  Do you love adding texture to your papers?  I just love rich texture and a little bit of grunge!  So I decided to share the brushes I use on my papers. These were created from photos I've taken, or fabrics I have scanned.  And since I like large brushes, they are large.  The smallest one is 1116 pixels and the largest one is just under 2500 pixels.  Tested in both Windows and Mac versions of Photoshop.  Created in CS5 at 300 dpi from very high pixel image files.
Included is a single .abr (brush) file to be installed in Photoshop.  This file will not work in other software.  But I've included a folder full of the pngs of these brushes so you can play with them in the software you have.

And here's a sample paper I made to show you how they work -- it is not included in the zip folder.  But isn't it pretty?  If you like it softer than this, go to filter>gaussian blur and blur it a bit.  Ooh, lovely!

And a bit of news about Speed Scraps!  I'm hosting not one, but TWO speed scraps this Friday, April 15 at Digidesignresort in the chatroom.  Go HERE for all the details and to use the time converter to see what time it is for where you live.  We have cute little participation prizes, and lots of fun chatting -- so please come and join me, ok?

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