Saturday, April 2, 2011

Child's Play and Page Mask-Blenders

Something brand new in the store today, Child’s Play – a kit, an alpha, or a bundle with both of them together.  Fun, bright colors (can you tell I’m chasing winter away?), handmade and some hand painted elements.  This is perfect for scrapping your little one’s antics, summer photos, or any time you just need some bright and playful colors.

And a few special little pages from my fabulous Creative Ladies –
in order, from Jody, Irma and Shari

And these two show you the kit and a way to use the Page Mask-Blenders which are also new in the store.

Here are the Page Mask-Blenders.  These are so versatile!  You can see above how easily you can blend a photo into a paper, or blend two papers together.  It’s almost like magic!
I have 3 sets of them –  Here is Set 1

And Set 2

And Set 3

This is a long post — are you still with me??
Here are a couple of screenshots so you can see the masks while you’re working with them.  Some of the best blends you will get are with papers that are in the same color family.  Try them out, they are fun to use.

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