Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Kit

 I can't believe it has been over a month since I posted anything, but it's not for the lack of having something to show you!

I'll get to the kit in a minute, and when I tell you about our lovely snowy weather, you'll understand the why I chose the colors!

Feb 6 it started snowing, and kept snowing till we finally ended with a total of 32 inches!  Hubby and I went out while it was still snowing to get started clearing our driveway.  For each single width of a snow shovel, it took 5-6 scoops to get down to the driveway -- four hours later and exhausted, we went back into the house, having cleared only half the driveway and the area around the 4Runner so we could attempt getting out.  I told hubby that his car, which is rear wheel drive, can stay buried till April -- I'm done with shoveling.

Then Feb 10, we got another 8 inches on top of what we already had -- which brings me to colors!

This new kit is called Fresh, and has rich spring colors with fun frames, flowers, stitching and lace.



And some fabulous pages from the DigidesignResort Creative Team - aren't they wonderful?  These ladies are so talented and I'm blessed to have them using my kits!


 and Sharon

And you really want to be sure to join us at the Resort for our February challenges! You'll find another fabulous template by Carena Designs, and a little mini from me that matches Fresh in the Use It All Mini Challenge.

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