Monday, December 16, 2013

Advent Calendar at theStudio -- One Day Only

Have you been collecting all the pieces from the Advent Calendar from theStudio? Every day till Christmas, there's a new part of the collection from a different designer. And maybe even better than a free mini -- that designer's store is on sale for 50% off! Here's your chance to get some things you might have had on your wish list.

Today, December 16, is my day! You'll want to go to the store to get my part of the Advent Calendar -- a collection of wordart! You can paint over these, color parts of them, clip papers to them -- they're very versatile!

And while you're in theStudio shop, be sure to go over to the Commercial Use shop to find my CU products -- everything in my shop will be 50% (except bundles.

Here are my latest little bits for winter, handmade and hand stitched little felt heart, stripey knitted mittens, and a couple more felt hearts.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's December -- Advent at theStudio

The design team at theStudio have created the most delightful collection of minis and extras, and starting today, you can collect each part as a download a day until Christmas.

You will need to be signed up for the Daily NewsBrief for notice of each download. If you are getting the weekly newsletters (did you know there is a newsletter for CU products and another one for PU products?) you can just update your preferences to include the Daily NewsBrief. If you're not signed up yet, then hurry over here and get signed up so you'll get all the news!

Sales are still going on through Cyber Monday, so be sure to head over to my Shop to take a look. Remember that my CU products can be used for any of your personal projects. Here's the newest little collection of Winter Bits -- knitted mittens, and felt hearts!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's Here! Digital Scrapbooking Day -- International or Otherwise!

Poor neglected blog, I've been playing on my Facebook page. But here we are with lots of fun planned for the next few days!

First out of the gate -- a Halloween Facebook Hop at theStudio -- freebies all over the place!  Watch this Studio forum thread for more information, and you'll want to start on theStudio's Facebook page.  Be aware that many of the participating designers are in different time zones all over the world, so be patient if something isn't up yet.
Here's what you'll find on my Facebook Page, the only alpha in the collection, so don't miss it!

Then more fun starting a bit early in my store at Digidesignresort -- everything in my store is on sale for at least 35% off.  The Halloween-DSD sale there runs from Oct 31 to Nov 4.  The bundles are discounted even more! I've just bundled all of my latest crumples and textures into two separate bundles.  Don't forget to take a look at the bundles of whites, brushes and so much more.

And back at theStudio for Scrapbooking Day sales and festivities -- they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so rather than mention everything, I thought I'd show you a few things you'll find in my Studio shop.  And you'll need to scroll all the way to the bottom to see what the Flash Sale graphic looks like.  There will be flash sales all day on Saturday, Nov 4, so watch for those on theStudio Facebook page.  And yes!  Several of my products are included in the Flash Sale at a fantastic 75% off -- but you have to be quick -- that price only lasts for an hour! 

Have a happy, fun, safe Halloween -- and happy shopping!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What About Drop Shadows?

So -- we all know how important it is add drop shadows to our paper layers and elements so that they look realistic, right?  But where do you start?  How do you know how much, how deep, which direction?  The fact is, it really is personal taste!

I know when I started creating layouts, I tended not to shadow enough because, let's face it, putting gray around the edges of something just felt weird somehow, LOL!  So I began looking through the gallery to see the pages that really jumped out at me -- and it was the ones that had great shadows to go with a great composition.

The next question was how to do it well?  I found lots of great tutorials on designer blogs, but it still came down to my preference for angle at 120 degrees, and trying to make the shadow look as realistic as possible.  So instead of clicking to open the effects palette for each layer and tinkering for awhile, and then copying and pasting to another similar layer.  I started saving the shadows I was creating as styles -- one click and done!  They are still editable to be just want I want it to look like, but most of the hard work is done.

So I have two sets, Set 1 gives basic, everyday shadows to the elements we use most.  Set 2 gives shadows for that more "raised off the page" look.  Available at theStudio and Digidesignresort.

Now, for those of you using Photoshop Elements, loading styles, patterns, shapes, etc. can be a big pain.  But I created an easy solution for you to use the styles without having to figure where or how to load it, or rebuild the database, or create metadata.

Simply open the psd file labled, StyleStack, and follow these directions which are included in the folder.  You'll select the shadow you want, right click the layer to copy the layer style, go to your page, select the layer with your element, then right click to paste that shadow style.  Done!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Sales

Both of my shops are on sale for the Memorial Weekend -- theStudio and Digidesignresort

And just in time for this summer weekend (it honestly has to be summer somewhere, even though it doesn't feel like it here) -- Sandy Edges, made with sand and shells!  Aren't they fun?  Great for your personal pages or commercial use.

Another set of edges using mists, easy to recolor, clip to a color, or use blend modes!

And two sets of Drop Shadow Styles for Photoshop -- Set 1 has my standard go-to shadows, and Set 2 has shadows that produce the trendy lifted or flying shadows.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Only for NSD Weekend, May 4 - 5

Something special only for this weekend!  Available at theStudio and at DigidesignResort !

Buy my Art Brush Bundle -- and my newest set of brushes, the Gesso Brushes -- FREE!  That's 6 full sets of brushes for $13.00 !!

Oh, I nearly forgot -- be sure to add theStudio's May 2013 CU Grab Bag! I contributed to this too!  Add it to your cart when you reach $5.00 in the CU store -- this brush bundle gets you there!

The Gesso Brushes are still available separately if you prefer, or if you've purchased the bundle already,  theStudio and Digidesignresort

Happy Shopping!  I'll be doing the same thing you're doing, LOL!

NSD Weekend!

It's HERE!   Everyone's favorite weekend for shopping!  Well, next to Black Friday, maybe . . .

Anyway, I have two new sets of Page Mask Blenders, #5 and #6, just placed in my shops at theStudio and Digidesignresort!

Here's the sample of image blended with paper from Set 6 --

And, I have created a Bundle with these two new sets with my most popular Set 4 for 46% off (I like funny numbers) at theStudio and Digidesignresort.

Still here?  I'm doing something extra special with brushes just for the NSD weekend so check my Facebook page -- JanetB Designs tomorrow!  Or maybe later tonight if I can't wait to tell you!

Monday, April 22, 2013

It's My 50% off Day at theStudio!

All month long, we're celebrating Toiny's 4th year of ownership of theStudio!  Each designer has a day of their own to feature their products on sale for 50% off.  And today is my day!  Even the bundles are 50% off, but you will have to HURRY -- that price is only good for TODAY!

Be sure to check through everything in my shop -- there's sure to be some goodies you can use.  Remember that the commercial use products can be used for personal use as well.  And all my templates are CT friendly as well!

It's a looong post, so get ready!

I just put these in the store, 2 sets of Misted Overlays.  These were so much fun to make!  Easy to colorize in the hue/saturation window.  Or clip a color to it, merge those layers and use your blend modes to change the effect!

Some samples -- the first one using a color clipped to an overlay, and the second one using the screen blend mode.  You can also stack several on top of each other for even more variety!

And here are a few more of my latest releases -- each of the bundled items are available separately if you'd like to choose them that way.

The bundle of large, gorgeous florals!  The bundle gives you 18 single flower papers with a very slight texture -- there are no repeats in the papers, each one is different.  Be sure to add your own favorite texture to make it your own.  Easy to colorize, or take a soft brush with the color to match your kit, and on a separate layer, "paint" in the petals and centers.

Here are a couple of sample from the collection -- each one is available separately.

There are two sets of templates designed to show off really great, big photos -- creatively named Big Photos 1 and Big Photos 2, LOL!

Just look at these fabulous pages made with them!  These are from Set 1

and these are from Set 2

and finally, if you love brushes like I do, I'm sure you'll love to browse through my selection of brushes, from texture to pattern, and even brushes made from my art journal work.  Each set is available separately, as well as bundled together.  Play, and have fun!

Art Brush Bundle

CU Whites Bundle

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bundled Florals

I've bundled all three sets of Floral papers at a huge savings, nearly half off!  They're available at both my stores, theStudio and Digidesignresort

A couple of samples made with them -- they're easy to color, or add a layer on top, and use a soft brush to color the flower petals and centers as you choose!  They have slight texture, but are easy to blend into anything else you'd like to use.

Monday, April 8, 2013

theStudio's Anniversary

It's Toiny's 4th Anniversary as owner of theStudio -- and the celebration lasts all month! 

Each Monday, there's a new, week-long layout artist contest where you can win a spot on the store CT!  Here's where you can find this week's contest.

Every day, one of the designers is featured and her store is on sale -- really on sale -- like 50% off!  You'll want to check each day to see who it is -- today it's Carin Grobe.  My day is coming up later in the month.

Don't miss out on the fun!